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Here at Clinic by the Sea we offer a wide range of cardiovascular testing in house by our licensed and experienced specialists 

Tests We


Nuclear and Exercise Stress Testing

Stress testing is a noninvasive way to screen for blockages in the heart. This test can be completed on a treadmill or with a chemical for our patients that have mobility challenges. For nuclear testing, except to be in the clinic for about three hours.


ABI Testing

ABI or ankle brachial index testing utilizes blood pressure cuffs to check the pressures in your upper and lower extremities. Comparison of these pressures can help diagnose diseases or guide treatment. 


AAA screening

AAA screening uses sound waves via a transducer to recreate a picture of your aorta. The technician will measure this picture to ensure there are no bulges or dilations. 



Echocardiogram uses sound waves via a transducer placed on the chest to evaluate your hearts function and the chambers. This test can help screen for heart function and valve problems. There are no restrictions prior to this test.


Loop Monitor Implantation

A loop monitor is a cardiac rhythm monitor that is implanted under the skin. This is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the team to monitor your heart rhythm remotely. Some conditions, such as stroke and syncope, may require long term monitoring to help the team uncover the underlying cause.


Carotid US

A carotid US uses sound waves on your neck to evaluate blood flow through your carotid arteries.

"From intake staff to the nurses and doctors I HIGHLY recommend. Amazing people, not judgemental, very professional and caring. I truly felt they listened to what issues I was having and formed a solution with me. Communication, billing, friendliness, 5 stars across the board for me and my family." 

-Google Review 

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